Our collective passion and respect for magnificent automobiles and their owners permeates everything we do.
Our dedicated team works in concert to ensure the Collectors’ Car Garage® operates at the highest possible standards.

The epiphany came on a Saturday morning, about 15 years ago. Bob Machinist, a self-proclaimed gear-head, was at the shop where he stored his race cars, hanging out with his buddies, drinking coffee and talking about cars. The place wasn’t attractive and wasn’t even clean, but this group of car enthusiasts chose to hang out there regularly, because they could share their collective passion, cars. Ironically, most of the guys in attendance had a beautiful country club or yacht club they could have gone to, but they routinely opted to sit in the same dumpy shop because the opportunity to socialize over cars superseded most things, including the desire for comfortable surroundings. Perhaps it was prompted by the oil on the floor or the mud that passed for coffee, but on that particular morning Bob came to the realization that car people deserved better. They could have a nice building with all the amenities and services of a private club…a country club for car people. Golfers had them. Yachtsmen had them, so why shouldn’t car people have them? Thus, the Collectors’ Car Garage idea was born.

Like Rome, CCG wasn’t built in a day. Over the next few years, Bob did plenty of research and discovered that no matter where he traveled, dealers all said the same thing about the purchase of collector cars, “It’s not about the price.

It’s about having the right car, in the right color, right now. Followed by, ‘Where am I going to put it, and do I have to tell my significant other?’” Not one to do things modestly, Bob not only built a Country Club for Car People, he built the largest, climate-controlled storage facility for collector cars in the United States and adopted the moniker, Garage Man. Knowing he needed a first-rate enthusiast to run the place, Bob turned to the son he knew shared the “gear-head” gene, James.

James had been successfully running CCG when, in 2013, on a plane bound from New York to Utah, a fortuitous event occurred. James bumped into Matt or vice versa, depending on whom you ask. They had known each other, through multiple connections, prior to their in-aisle collision, though the only connection that really mattered was their shared passion for cars. Several dinners, races, and car purchases later, they became business partners. Under their joint leadership, CCG has become a regular social hub for its members, added innumerable services and launched Collectors’ Car Garage Sales.

Our Team

James Machinist

The progeny of a self-proclaimed gear-head, James spent his childhood surrounded by cars. Opting to work as a mechanic while attending Vassar, James graduated as one of the world’s only mechanics with a Seven Sisters degree – a distinction of which he is most proud. With James’ DNA, passion for cars and last name, an automotive career was his destiny and he’s delighted it became a reality in the Collectors’ Car Garage®.

Matthew Ivanhoe

By all accounts, Matt was born with an obsession for cars. At 12, he was reciting, to anyone who would listen, the specs and history of any important car. At 20, he started locating and providing investment advice on blue-chip collector cars and has been doing so ever since. Matt’s epic car-related failure: As a teenager he tried to argue his way out of a ticket by citing the differences in braking distance between a Ferrari Enzo and a Toyota Prius. The result was expensive.

Anne Ivanhoe
Marketing Director

Anne had a well-credentialed career in consumer products marketing, before coming to CCG. She found the transition seamless, since her son, Matt, has been educating her about important cars for over 20 years. It was a proud day in both of their lives when Anne discovered she could identify a Porsche 911 just by the sound of the engine.

Bryan Fitzpatrick
Garage Manager

Bryan learned to drive at age 3 (in a Power Wheels Jeep, totally legal), and has always had a passion for anything with an engine. As a kid he raced go karts and spent time hanging out with the Garage Man himself, absorbing anything and everything automotive. Bryan recently acquired a new passion when he became the father of a baby girl. When he’s not managing CCG, Bryan can be found making pars on the golf course.

Erica Ciavolella
Office Manager

Erica studied Education at Dominican College, never imagining she would end up working in the high revving world of collector cars. Fortunately for CCG, Erica is obsessive about neatness and organization so she keeps everything running in perfect order. A huge animal lover, some of Erica’s favorite CCG members are the ones who come to visit with their dogs.

Steve Cambereri

Steve’s passion for cars and motorcycles is in his DNA. His dad loved vintage Alfas while his older brother preferred Mustangs and BMWs. As a kid he started cleaning cars for his family, then for himself, and now his talents are dedicated to CCG members. Fastidious about having his own car look perfect, Steve applies the same high standards to every vehicle he details.