The epiphany came on a Saturday morning, about 15 years ago. Bob Machinist, a self-proclaimed gear-head, was at the shop where he stored his race cars, hanging out with his buddies, drinking coffee and talking about cars. The place wasn’t attractive and wasn’t even clean, but this group of car enthusiasts chose to hang out there regularly, because they could share their collective passion, cars. Ironically, most of the guys in attendance had a beautiful country club or yacht club they could have gone to, but they routinely opted to sit in the same dumpy shop because the opportunity to socialize over cars superseded most things, including the desire for comfortable surroundings. Perhaps it was prompted by the oil on the floor or the mud that passed for coffee, but on that particular morning Bob came to the realization that car people deserved better. They could have a nice building with all the amenities and services of a private club…a country club for car people. Golfers had them. Yachtsmen had them, so why shouldn’t car people have them? Thus, the Collectors’ Car Garage™ idea was born.

Golfers had them. Yachtsmen had them, so why shouldn’t car people have them? Thus, the Collectors’ Car Garage™ idea was born.

Like Rome, CCG wasn’t built in a day. Over the next few years, Bob did plenty of research and discovered that no matter where he traveled, dealers all said the same thing about the purchase of collector cars, “It’s not about the price. It’s about having the right car, in the right color, right now.

Followed by, ‘Where am I going to put it, and do I have to tell my significant other?’” Not one to do things modestly, Bob not only built a country club for car people, he built the largest, climate-controlled storage facility for collector cars in the United States and adopted the moniker, Garage Man. Knowing he needed a first-rate enthusiast to run the place, Bob turned to the son he knew shared the “gear-head” gene, James.

Burt Richmond (Chicago) met Bob Machinist (New York) in the town of Terni, Italy in the spring of 2013 as both gents had entered the Motogiro d'Italia, a 5-day reliability rally in Tuscany's rolling hills for pre-1956 vintage motorcycles. They met at a gas station on Day 1 and happened to discuss their passion for old cars and old motorcycles that continued at dinner that night. Bob mentioned his ownership in the Collectors' Car Garage in Westchester County, NY. That got Burt's attention as he had been dreaming of building something similar to the CCG NY facility in Chicago. Over the next two years, their friendship grew as did the search for the ideal location and size for a Chicago CCG.

Following NY's guidance, construction began in July 2015 on the 300 car facility on Chicago's north side. CCG-Chicago opened in December, 2015 and has been providing car enthusiasts ever since with a secure, safe, climate controlled environment for their vehicles.


Andrew Vogel | General Manager

Born with a passion for the automobile and all things powered by the internal combustion engine, Andrew grew up working on the family cars, lawn mowers, snowmobiles and scooters. As a teenager, his passion for speed extended beyond cars to airplanes earning his pilot license at 18. Andrew bought his first BMW at 21 and has been a BMW CCA member ever since... Over those nearly 30 years, he has spent many hours on several Midwest race tracks as a high performance driving instructor. When not on the track, he spent time detailing cars for Concours competition. When Andrew isn't at CCG you may find him knocking at your door to introduce you to the wonders of Collectors’ Car Garage.


Brad Mills | Detail Specialist

Brad's passion for perfection was something he was born with and that passion grew into more of an obsession when he was cleaning his first car one sunny summer afternoon when he heard his neighbor yelling at him saying "if you keep cleaning your car everyday your going to wash the paint right off!" Since that moment Brad was fascinated on proper wash techniques, towels, products and how certain pH levels are used in different detailing situations. Brad's passion has built him a career detailing, preserving and maintaining some of the world's most rare and valuable automobiles.


Nelson Garcia | Garage Manager

Nelson has been surrounded by vehicles the majority of his life, whether is was detailing, selling or driving. It all started when he learned to drive stick shift at 17 on his brothers 1987 Porsche 924S. From then on he has worked in various renowned shops and dealerships including working for our very own detail specialist Brad Mills. He has now found himself at CCG enhancing his knowledge, love, and passion for vehicles.  He is also a pretty good karaoke singer as well


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