The quality of CCG's service is unparalleled. All aspects of classic and exotic car care can be arranged through our exclusive relationships with the finest specialists in their respective fields.

Washing & Detailing Services

Our in-house detailing experts offer an extensive menu of services from the basic CCG Wash-N-Wax to the comprehensive CCG Investor, a process that includes paint correction and nano coating technology.

Local & Long Distance Transport

Whether your car flies south for the winter, is going to a distant concours, or you’ve acquired a new addition that needs a ride home, we facilitate covered car transport with the most trusted carriers around.

Paintless Dent Removal

CCG’s paintless dent removal is a unique process, often imitated but never duplicated, for removing all of those little (and not-so-little) dents that mar a car’s beauty, without the hassle or cost of a body shop repair.


Collection Management

From winterization to restoration, our experts can manage every aspect of our members’ collections.

Wheel & Tire Repair

Wheel and tire damage is inevitable, but our members need not waste their valuable time, because we handle repairs for them. Our wheel repair resources are the best in the business, fixing everything from curb rash to bent wheels.

Pre-Drive Vehicle Assessment

Prior to picking up your vehicle we will check your tire pressures, top off any fluids and visually check to see that your vehicle is in perfect working order. If for some reason there is an issue, we will help assess what the problem may be and recommend what service(s), if any, are needed.


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